Welcome to our Town Hall page
We’ll be discussing upcoming meetings, input we've heard from the community, and other involvement GPR Ventures has had recently in Mountain View.

We Value Your Opinion!

We’d like to put forth our commitment to being a “good neighbor” with the surrounding residents and businesses in the area. This philosophy informs our approach and is why we have made the effort to solicit input from the community as an integral part of our planning process, rather than relegating it to an afterthought. The plans illustrated on this site are, at this time, conceptual. We’ve been fortunate to have received a lot of great feedback from our outreach events…and here’s some of that preliminary input.

After 100+ individual meetings and events with the local residents, community leaders, associations, coalitions, stakeholder groups, local business owners, and neighborhood groups, we have come up with this conceptual design. We have been hosting various informational events for over a year.

We have had "Town Hall" open houses at our office which we hosted throughout July 2022 and our taco truck event at Fairmont Park. We have continued outreach efforts throughout the latter part of 2022 and now our latest in-person events have been held and open to the public during Fall 2023. These public events, coupled with extensive outreach to individual residents, community leaders, and local businesses have enabled us to confidently say this is truly a community-oriented development. We continue to modify our plans as we receive your input and we make best efforts to accommodate as many of your concerns and ideas into the Castro Commons plans as we can. 

The consensus is overwelmingly positive, thanks to your suggestions and improvement of the original design. Here are some of the things we've proactively addressed and solved! 

  • Architecture and design - Two local-favorite architects on the team!
  • Tenant relocation benefits for those in Fairmont Apartments - Yes!
  • Tree preservation - Absolutely!
  • The inclusion of public art and sculptures - Absolutely!
  • Open spaces and revitalizing/activating Gateway Park - Absolutely!
  • Affordable housing units - Yes!
  • Condos v. apartments - Condos!
  • Setbacks and step-downs - Properly massed for the neighborhood!
  • Traffic circulation and pedestrian/biker benefits - Pedestrian friendly and safe!
  • Neighborhood and new resident parking - Ample parking for commercial and residents!
  • Shading/massing - Minimal impact!
  • How we plan to activate this end of Castro - Commercial spaces and vibrant community!
  • Construction parking and timeline - TBD
  • Overall project timeline - TBD

2022 Mountain View
Art & Wine Festival

GPR Ventures was pleased to sponsor the main stage at the 2022 Mountain View Art & Wine Festival.

We take pride in our involvement with our local communities and strive to invest in the people and organizations around us as much as we invest in ourselves. 

Whether it's a festival 'round the block, complimentary food for the intimate neighborhoods, or the revitalization of a beloved park and a goal to increase housing supply, GPR is always looking to make a significant and lasting impression on the local community around us.

Castro Commons

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Development Location: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA, 94041Office: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA 94041Office: 2323 S Bascom Avenue Suite 100 Campbell CA, 95008
This design was submitted to the City of Mountain View on November 6, 2023 and a resubmittal to comments occured in Feburary 2024. The project is subject to change, pending comments, review, and further discussion with the City, Staff, the community, and internally within GPR Ventures. Illustrations are for visualization purposes only and reflect what we envision this project to be like. Preliminary designs do not reflect the actual architecture and may change. GPR has the authority to negotiate the purchase of a portion of Fairmont Ave. GPR is submitting for 7 stories. GPR is NOT submitting a design that includes the closure of Hope St.