Community Benefits

The project creates a pedestrian-oriented development that activates Castro Street and Gateway Park by creating ground-floor retail shops and restaurants. These street-activated uses include a recessed arcade for outdoor dining and a pedestrian walking/shopping experience that will activate both Castro Street and Gateway Park.

The project is proposing to close Fairmont Street to autos and create a new “Pedestrian Paseo” that encourages walking and bicycle use while at the same time helps to promote a connection to downtown and the “Old Town” neighborhood to the east. The Paseo features include; space for outdoor dining and seating, raised landscape planters, unique lighting, and other pedestrian features to further promote a walkable addition to the neighborhood. Street-level residential entries, a neighborhood community room, and fitness center all open out to the new Paseo which promotes additional pedestrian activation along this new connector to Castro Street.


Castro Street’s vibrant downtown atmosphere has long been an attractive focal point conducive to both work and play, and we intend to extend this lifestyle to the gateway to downtown. By providing healthy amenities and vibrant activities, individuals will have the complete experience of Mountain View all within the palms of their hands—all without leaving Castro Street!

Home of one of the most attractive corners of the Bay Area, Mountain View’s growth has faced a crisis affecting many seeking to live in the area: housing. With this in mind, we are proposing Castro Commons to help the city develop 100+ new homes providing more equitable and inclusive housing opportunities in the Downtown area. The project will include a selection of market-rate and below-market-rate housing.

Tenant relocation benefits for residents affected by the development, which are minor. Provides a contemporary transitional interface between residential and commercial areas.Preservation of the Gateway Park, offering a distinct sense of community and encouraging greater social interaction.Fosters pedestrian and bicycle commuting environment which reduces car dependency and increases walkability.


Castro Commons is proposing to revitalize the local area by providing public spaces with a mix of retail, dining, and open spaces with outdoor amenities that will be meaningful for everyone. Drawing inspiration from active and vibrant spaces like Santana Row, downtown Santa Barbara, and even Paris, we see this project embodying the outdoor-indoor living and dining experience amplified by COVID-19. Take the North end of downtown Mountain View on Castro Street, for example. Very vibrant!

To achieve our goals of supporting local businesses and residents, Castro Commons aims to promote foot traffic and conserve local businesses.

Plans to provide a continuous frontage of retail and restaurants at ground level in accordance with the Downtown Precise PlanIntegration of indoor and outdoor commonspace to create an inclusive and active environmentEmbodying the “gateway” to promote revitalization and creates an attractive entry to the downtown areaIncreases in current public tree canopy coverage of 26% to create an enjoyable urban forest environmentAddressing transportation-related needs by meeting the goals outlined in Mountain View’s Bicycle Transportation Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan


We are dedicated to enhancing Gateway Park and conserving its prominence within the community. The project proposes to take advantage of many environmental features such as PV (solar) panels to generate and storage power. Electric vehicle charging stations for residential and visitor parking, electric bike and scooter charging will also be included in the project to help promote a green solution. Other sustainable features are highlighted and included in the green energy checklist within the drawing set.

Maintaining the existing Gateway ParkAn increase in Mountain View's 230 current unique tree speciesPlans to expand the EV charging station network in Mountain View's downtown, currently only supplied with 12 stationsOffering health-beneficial commercial amenities on the ground floor, available to the public

Castro Commons

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Development Location: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA, 94041Office: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA 94041Office: 2323 S Bascom Avenue Suite 100 Campbell CA, 95008
This design was submitted to the City of Mountain View on November 6, 2023 and a resubmittal to comments occured in Feburary 2024. The project is subject to change, pending comments, review, and further discussion with the City, Staff, the community, and internally within GPR Ventures. Illustrations are for visualization purposes only and reflect what we envision this project to be like. Preliminary designs do not reflect the actual architecture and may change. GPR has the authority to negotiate the purchase of a portion of Fairmont Ave. GPR is submitting for 7 stories. GPR is NOT submitting a design that includes the closure of Hope St.