Project Updates
Design Goals
  1. Beautiful building design with pedestrian experience and non-vehicular circulation
    • Ground floor frontage of visible, accessible entrances and pathways from the street and human-scaled design elements.
    • Reclaim Fairmont Ave as a pedestrian paseo, enhanced publicly-accessible bicycle and pedestrian connections.
    • Castro Street may have a downtown-style urban character and residential-facing units have a townhouse or rowhouse-style character with stoops, individual entries, canopies and porches.
  1. Create a community-oriented mixed-use project
    • Sensitive height and setback transitions to adjacent structures and the residential neighborhoods. Upper stories of buildings stepped back to reduce visual bulk.
    • Focused intensive development on the assembled parcel block between Fairmont and El Camino as a "gateway" (entrance to Mountain View).
  1. Park and open space
    • Revitalize Gateway Park. Activate the green space with surrounding retail, restaurant, and amenity space. Connect to new park and open space.
    • Introduce new park and open space. Provide plaza and dining areas, outdoor seating, lighting, and other amenities for community use. Create family-oriented, pet-friendly areas and an engaging landscape design.
  1. Improve environment of neighborhood and maximize convenient parking
    • Eliminate traffic on Fairmont Ave. Reduce noise and pollution and increase safety of area for residents.
    • Underground parking to extend beneath the assembled parcels.
    • On-site trash receptacles which are easily accessible for garbage pickup. All loading and unloading on-site and not within public rights-of-way.
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Disclaimer: We do own the rights to these photos. The photos here are the inspiration for the feel/vibe that Castro Commons hopes to emulate. In no way is GPR Ventures implying this will be the exact outcome.

Conceptual Drawings
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  • This is a 3D visualization from El Camino Real
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  • This is a rendering looking from Castro St, looking toward the direction of the corner at El Camino Real (on the right). 
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  • Rendering of the Fairmont Street paseo view on Castro St.
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  • Another rendering of the view looking through the paseo
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  • Site Plan
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  • Design Concepts and Sketches
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Unit Floor Plans
  • Studio (979 SF)
  • 2-Bedroom (1,884 SF)
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Unit Floor Plans
  • 1-Bedroom (890 SF)
  • 2-Bedroom (2,069 SF)
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Unit Floor Plan
  • 3-Bedroom (3,378 SF)
  • 1-Bedroom (1,384 SF)
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Unit Floor Plans
  • 2-Bedroom (2,048 SF)
  • 2-bedroom (1,696 SF)
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  • This shadow study sheet represents the impacts of the building's shadows cast at the indicated time of day and year.
    • Summer Solstice is the time of year when shadows are shortest.
      • 1. Summer Solstice 9 AM
      • 2. Summer Solstice 12 PM
      • 3. Summer Solstice 3 PM
    • Winter Solstice is the time of year when shadows are longest.
      • 4. Winter Solstice 9 AM
      • 5. Winter Solstice 12 PM
      • 6. Winter Solstice 3 PM
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coming soon.
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coming soon

Castro Commons

[email protected]+1 (650) 584-3110
Development Location: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA, 94041Office: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA 94041Office: 2323 S Bascom Avenue Suite 100 Campbell CA, 95008
This design was submitted to the City of Mountain View on November 6, 2023 and a resubmittal to comments occured in Feburary 2024. The project is subject to change, pending comments, review, and further discussion with the City, Staff, the community, and internally within GPR Ventures. Illustrations are for visualization purposes only and reflect what we envision this project to be like. Preliminary designs do not reflect the actual architecture and may change. GPR has the authority to negotiate the purchase of a portion of Fairmont Ave. GPR is submitting for 7 stories. GPR is NOT submitting a design that includes the closure of Hope St.