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Castro Commons is a mixed-use, condominium project located in downtown Mountain View’s gateway.

The proposed community-based design has an abundance of exciting amenities, including an active city park, open spaces, paseos open to the neighboring communities of Old Town Mountain View, storefront retail and restaurant spaces that will activate the gateway and community dedicated meeting rooms and spaces to gather.

Artist Impression - Indicative Only

We care about our neighbors...

Our current design is shown at the bottom of the page.

This design is our current iteration of the community’s vision through over 100 individual meetings with neighbors and residents of Mountain View to create the best possible design for the entire community. 

Affordable HousingMarket Rate HousingRevitalized Parkland SpaceEnhanced Walking And Bicycling LifestyleUpgraded Retail EstablishmentsUnderground ParkingEV Charging StationsFoot Traffic for BusinessesTransit Oriented Housing- Walking Distance to Caltrain and VTA Safe and Inviting Development with Connectivity Through Pedestrian and Bicycle paths and walkways/paseos


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A Community/Commerce Collaboration

The intention of this project is to contribute to uplifting the downtown area as a vibrant local destination for those who live and work in Mountain View but also to contribute to the success of existing small businesses in downtown Mountain View.

A mixed-use housing that has a transitional interface between residential and commercial areasPreservation and enhancement of the Gateway ParkPedestrian & Bicycle Commuting Environment- Encouraging A Walkable CommunityAn Increase in Mountain View's Unique Tree SpeciesCommercial Amenities to Serve the Entire Community Creation of a “Gateway” Development to Enhance and Promote Downtown Revitalization

Environmentally Conscious At Its Core...

The project is environmentally conscious at its core, offering a sustainable site design, promoting walkability, and bicycle and pedestrian friendly access to Gateway Park from the paseo, which connects to the residential neighborhood. By closing a small portion Fairmont Ave, a non-arterial streets to vehicles only, the project will reduce street traffic and yet promote pedestrian access and bicycling through the neighborhood. The project is also committed to becoming a sustainable development through the design process with input from the community and the City of Mountain View. Notice greenery throughout the levels of the building in the rendering?

The project proposes to take advantage of many environmental features such as PV panels to generate and storage power. Electric vehicle charging stations for residential and visitor parking, electric bike and scooter charging will also be included in the project to help promote a green solution. Other sustainable features are highlighted and included in the green energy checklist within the drawing set.

Centralized in the Silicon Valley, Castro Commons provides convenient and walkable access to various amenities, retail and restaurants, and short commutes to some of the world’s largest companies such as Google, Apple, and Meta. With its prime location and pedestrian appeal, Castro Commons connects to a wide variety of services without the burden of increased parking and traffic, delivering an additional benefit of reduced carbon emissions.

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  1. First informal submittal in March 2022
  2. Conceptual design based on community discussion
  3. Current Plan to City

We are Listening...

Preservation of the Gateway Park and activation through a new designConsideration of the number housing units and building size to develop a pleasant neighbor design and massing Urban development that will concentrate on people rather than cars. Inclusion of conference room/office space (open to the public), commercial, retail, and resaturant businesses, and outdoor spacesBusinesses that will activate the gateway to Downtown Mountain ViewWalkable community, bike and scooter friendlySafe, active, and well-lit paseo on Fairmont Ave, replacing the existing streetProviding affordable housing (BMR) and mixed in with at-market rate units to ensure a diverse communityProject's goal is to provide housing rather than an office or hotel building. We went through extensive efforts to build something the community needs rather than resorting to something not needed, despite a much, much easier approval process

A Development Team You Can Trust...

GPR Ventures is a privately held real estate investment firm. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GPR has three offices on the West Coast.

To date, GPR has acquired 130+ industrial and office buildings across 49+ different projects. The portfolio totals over 4,311,000 square feet of leasable space and 37 acres of industrial and mixed-use residential land. Through quick decision making and experienced leadership, GPR Ventures rebrands value-add portfolios, maximizes investor return, and continues to increase its footprint into new markets throughout the West.

Castro Commons is as much ours as it is yours! GPR Ventures is a local development team who deeply cares about Mountain View and is planning to design an exceptional urban development project. GPR Ventures intends to deliver a project that will be beneficial to the neighboring residents, downtown businesses, and residents of Mountain View. In fact, GPR’s headquarters is located in Downtown Mountain View, and they have hired a design team comprised of two local architects, Kenneth Rodrigues & Partners and William Maston Architect & Associates.

Castro Commons

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Development Location: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA, 94041Office: 843 Castro Street Mountain View CA 94041Office: 2323 S Bascom Avenue Suite 100 Campbell CA, 95008
This design was submitted to the City of Mountain View on November 6, 2023 and a resubmittal to comments occured in Feburary 2024. The project is subject to change, pending comments, review, and further discussion with the City, Staff, the community, and internally within GPR Ventures. Illustrations are for visualization purposes only and reflect what we envision this project to be like. Preliminary designs do not reflect the actual architecture and may change. GPR has the authority to negotiate the purchase of a portion of Fairmont Ave. GPR is submitting for 7 stories. GPR is NOT submitting a design that includes the closure of Hope St.